© Lise Wulff

DignityArt at Nordic Somali Youth Summit in Stockholm

The second Nordic Somali Youth Summit was arranged in 2013 and gathered 150 Somali youth from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. The DignityArt project from the Oslo summit was taken further at the Stockholm summit, amongst other as a mosaic back drop on stage during the Timbuktu concert.

The Nordic Somali Youth Summit is a yearly summit aiming to promote dialogue and discussion around the issues of education, employment and social entrepreneurship opportunities. It includes a job fair with representatives from different companies, organizations and agencies, a help desk for resume building, CV writing and job training, as well as musical performance and inspiring speeches from role models. The summit is organized by Leadership Foundation.

The main visual theme was the use of a mosaic pattern – a symbolic choice: If you take away one of the pieces, you will clearly see that something or someone is missing, symbolizing that every person belong, and is equally important.

The youth gave their words to the Charter for Change, and their photos to the Minds for Change. The Charter for Change contained key words about what changes they would like to see in the community, and what changes they could contribute to themselves. The Minds for Change had close up photos of the youth’s faces, like a signature.

Dignity Art Nordic somali youth summit 2012