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GIBCA Extended – “Reflections” at StoneZone ArtSpace, Sweden

As part of the Göteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art Extended program, StoneZone ArtSpace shows the group exhibition Reflections. Among the 13 participating artists, Lise Wulff took part with her art work “Some Day, I’ll go my Own Way”. Participating artists are Lukas Arons, Anna Jonback, Cecilia Sering, Christel Lundberg, […]

Hvitsten Salong 2017

Hvitsten Salong is a three day long art festival, arranged yearly in the small community of Hvitsten, by the fjord of Oslo. Artists are invited to exhibit their works indoors and outdoors, to give performances and concerts. Artists like Edvard Munch and Theodor Kittelsen once lived and worked in the […]

What you Bring. What you Leave

“What you Bring. What you Leave” is a site specific outdoor art work made by Lise Wulff for the exhibition “A Clear Day”. A rounded moss covered stone is beautifully situated in a shade between the trees. The shape of the rock is repeated in a light and transparent material; […]

Lise Wulff invited to outdoor exhibition in Sweden

The exhibition “A Clear Day” will take place at Nääs Castle, just outside Gothenburg, from the 20th of May to the 30th of September 2017. Five artists from the Nordic region are invited: Maria Lilja (S), Mikael Hansen (D), Kaisu Koivisto (F), Cecilia Parsberg (S), and Lise Wulff (N). Organizers are “Ett […]

Group exhibition in Asker Kunstforening, Norway

The juried exhibition “Dobbeltgjenger” shows the work of 14 artist from Asker Bildende Kunstnere. Lise Wulff showed the sculpture “Wearing or tearing the second layer”. In the jury: Hilde Mørch, Kunsthistorisk prosjektsenter, Knut Blomstrøm, Trafo Kunsthall and Tine Blix, Asker Kunstforening. Artists: Lars Torjusson, Lise Wulff, Pippip Ferner, Jennifer Jorfald, Kjell Hommerstad, Thea […]

“Borders and Boundaries” – Exhibition at Bærum Kunsthall

The exhibition Borders and Boundaries is a juried exhibition shown at Bærum Kunsthall from the 10th to the 27th of November 2016. In the jury: Piere Leonel Matte, Esther Maria Bjørneboe and Juan Andres Milanes Benito. Artists: Ana Maria Lopez, Vigdis Storsveen, Ellen S. Holtskog, Stina Gellein, Billie Thackwell, Trude […]

Artist talk at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Lise Wulff will talk about her project Bærum Revisited (Som hendelse og sted), Tuesday 25th of October, at 12.00. Bærum Revisited is a visual meeting with the local history of the municipality of Bærum, Norway, from approximately 1870 until today. In this work commissioned by Henie Onstad Kunstsenter for the exhibition UTOPIA BÆRUM, Lise Wulff invited […]

UTOPIA BÆRUM at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

The exhibition UTOPIA BÆRUM is looking at the area of Bærum from different perspectives. Invited artists: Marthe Aas, Amy Franceschini, Youmna Chlala and Apolonija Sustersic and Lise Wulff. Lise Wulff’s project Bærum Revisited (Som hendelse og sted) is a visual meeting with the local history of the municipality of Bærum, Norway, from approximately 1870 until today. […]

“In Between” at Bærum Kunsthall

In the group exhibition “In Between”, Lise Wulff showed a new series of art works inspired by the title of the exhibition. The organic pattern of the plywood is put to play with more strict and geometric lines and forms, submerging from behind, through openings in the former layer. Thus, making a space, […]

“Behind the facade” at Bærum Kunsthall

In this group exhibition, Lise Wulff shows the video “Between Life and Decay”, made in collaboration with Norwegian musician Jonny Sjo.

“Woven Water” at Semsvann, Asker

Exhibition at Semsvann, Norway, May 2015. The water and the wooden boards have taken the place of the yarn as the threads of the weave. And while the water makes up the backdrop, the wooden boards create the pattern in this carpet of water.   Hundreds of people walked along the […]

“The Human Mountain” in Munch’s studio at Ekely, Oslo

Artist Christian Tony Norum curated this group exhibition in Edvard Munch’s studio at Ekely, with one hundred participating artists.

“Beneat and below (the outside is shallow)” at Bærum Kunstforening

Solo exhibition at Bærum Kunstforening, Norway, January 2015. What is the relationship between content and form? The outer shell gives us just a small part of the totality. Wulff seeks to go deeper than the first impression, building up works consisting of several layers, where the front layers partly or fully hide […]

Moving line

The Municipality of Bærum invited tree artists to intervene in the public space of Sandvika in June 2013. Lise Wulff drew a line of sand on one of the bridges across the river. Being a main link from one side of the city to the other, the bridge is busy and full […]

Exhibition in Belgrade, June 2013

In the group exhibition “Izložba 34. i 35.” at Treci Beograd, Lise Wulff showed her sculpture “Self portrait”, made by dry corn plants. Outside the gallery, her work “Perpetuality (divided)” made by rusted iron, was shown.      

“Elements” at ArtEco Gallery in London

Group exhibition at ArtEco Gallery, London, in 2013. From ancient history through the classical era and beyond, mankind has long been mesmerised by the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. From Babylonia to Greece, the concept of the four elements has come to symbolise everything from different facets […]

“Beneath” at Galerie Califia, Czech Republic 2012

The group exhibition Beneath deals with things that are underground, unconscious, below the surface and otherwise ignored. Lise Wulff exhibited paintings on glass boards from her series Under the surface. She also showed art works created from found objects during her residency stay at ArtMill.

“Labyrinth” at Bærum Kulturhus

Group exhibition at the Culture House of Bærum, May 2012. In collaboration with Akershus Kunstsenter, and curated by Monica Holmen. Wulff showed a site specific work, making use of the special pattern of the walls.    

“Landscape – revisited” in Slovakia

Outdoor group exhibition in Dúbravica, 2011. Seven international artists were invited for a residency with the aim of establishing an outdoor gallery in Dúbravica, just outside Banská Bystica. The project was supported by the Slovakian Ministry of Culture and ArtToday, and Mexican Carlos Carmonamedina curated the exhibition. Lise Wulff made three pieces; […]

“50-50-50” at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

In the group exhibition 50-50-50 at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 2008, Lise Wulff incorporated nature in different ways. The use of oil and sheets of glass reflected natural phenomena surrounding the box and absorbed these into the work so that they interacted with the elements inside: Beautiful, untreated stones and organic forms painted […]