© Lise Wulff

Norwegian arts and crafts magazine Kunsthåndverk 2/2015

Lise Wulff’s site specifice and living installation in Slovakia is featured in Kunsthåndverk 2/2015. A series of photos documents the continuous changes of her work “Some day, I’ll go my own way”.

Kunsthåndverk 2:2015 II

Translation of the text:

A net of hemp covers a five meter tall tree in Slovakia, as part of the outdoor exhibition “Landscape – revisited”. The work changes with seasons and time.

In order to survive, the tree needed to grow out of the net. The first spring, you could see small, green leaves peaking out of the net. Throughout the summer, small branches found their way out, and when automn came, wild plums appeared. Now, meter long branches form a ring around the cocoon of hemp.

The tree is situated in a hiking area outside the city of Banská Bystrica, and the visitors can follow the art piece through its changing stages. “Landscape – revisited” is curated by Mexican Carlos Carmonamedina and includes works by several international artists. Lise Wulff is the artist behind the work presented here, called “Some day, I’ll go my own way”.

Photos by Periférne Centrá/Andrej Poliak, Carlos Carmonamedina and Lise Wulff.