© Lise Wulff

Some Day, I’ll go my own Way

Lise Wulff made a net of hemp to cover a carefully selected tree. The work changes continuously with the seasons and with time.

In order to survive, the tree needs to overcome the constraints of the net.

The installation was presented in the Slovak architecture and urbanization magazine Urbion in 2012 and the Norwegian arts and crafts magazine Kunsthåndverk 2/2015.

Some Day, I’ll go my own Way”  is part of the outdoor exhibition “Landscape – revisited” in Slovakia. Seven international artists were in 2011 invited for a residency with the aim of establishing an outdoor gallery just outside Banská Bystica. The project was supported by the Slovakian Ministry of Culture and ArtToday, and Mexican Carlos Carmonamedina curated the exhibition.