© Lise Wulff

Hallingdølen with video report from the “Woven Stone” eco art work in Hemsedal

“Woven Stone” is an eco art work by Lise Wulff. A large and powerful stone is ubicated at the edge of a mountain side in Hemsedal. The area is wild and beatuiful, but also tamed by human interventions like skiflitfs and slopes. A net of yarn covers the stone.

The color of the yarn – acidic bright green – makes the stone look alien from a distance. Coming up close, the viewer will see that the color is exactly the same as the brightest moose on the stone. The natural is multiplied into the unnatural.

The work creates bonds between present, past and future. For generations, caring hands have woven and knitted warming and protective tissues and clothes. Nature needs the same kind of thoughtfulness, and future generations are strongly influenced by our actions today. Taking care of nature today, create positive bonds towards the future.

See the video on Hallingdølen’s Facebook page, date 22nd of April 2016.

Skjermbilde 2016-04-29 kl. 10.25.23-kopi


In collaboration with Destination Hemsedal, the art work is launched as a new hiking destination. Woven Stone can be reached by foot at summer time, and by skiing at winter time.