© Lise Wulff

Outdoor installation Unfolded Landscape #5

“Unfolded Landscape” consists of several outdoor installations working in the field between nature and human intervention in nature. The area of the site specific works stretches from the City Hall of Sandvika to Henie Onstad Art Center; an area which contains the whole specter from beautiful nature and the Oslofjord, to highway and heavy traffic.

By invitation from the municipality of Bærum and the regional art exhibition Kunst Rett Vest, and in collaboration with Norwegian artist Vigdis Storsveen, a series of five site specific outdoor installation are about to be realized.


“Unfolded Landscape #5” ia a cube shaped form inspired by the surrounding stones. Made in polished steel, different parts of the the surroundings are reflected in the art work as the viewer moves along.


Placed at the sea shore, the art work will some times be under water, other times above water, according to the tidal movements. The changing sea level sets its linear marks on the cube. At winter time, the frozen fjord lies around the cube.