© Lise Wulff

Plastic bottle raft cruising through Prague

A return point for plastic plastic bottles was established in the village center, and quickly the 2000 bottles needed were at place. Using the Junk Raft that crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2010 as a model, a smaller version was build to go sailing on the Vltava river in Prague.

The Ahoj! Raft project aimed at raising awareness on plastic and chemical pollution issues. Lise Wulff took part during her stay at ArtMill, together with Barbara Benish, Leslie Moyer and Stephen Amato-Salvatierra.



Lise Wulff with the car full of plastic bottles




Stephen Amato-Salvatierra working on one of the pontoons




Leslie Moyer and Lise Wulff



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She floats!


Ready to sail at the Vltava river

Ready to sail at the Vltava river


Skjermbilde 2014-10-18 kl. 16.03.44

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