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Self Portrait Divided

Corn sticks. Total hight of 169 cm divided in 5 parts

Woven Glass

Hand made glass bulbs found at the ArtMill, are partly covered with other found material, like rusty wires and yarn.            


Woven Stones

Wulff has been working with her “Woven stones” since 2008. The same technique has also been used for man size sculptures, iron objects, as well as tree in her work “Some day, I’ll go my own way”.            

Wulff_Woven stone XII_2015_detalj-kopi


An old house in Dubravica, Slovakia, had been torn down. Lise Wulff used the old walls for her outdoor installation “Defenders”. The work is part of the outdoor exhibition “Landscape – revisited” in Slovakia. Seven international artists were in 2011 invited for a residency with the aim of establishing an outdoor gallery […]